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Bengaluru Retail Summit 2023

Upcoming Event

Bengaluru Retail Summit 2023

November 29 2023, Bengaluru

6DX is excited to participate at the Bengaluru Retail Summit 2023, scheduled to happen on November 29, at Welcomhotel by ITC Hotels.

Retail India Summit & Expo (RISE)

Upcoming Event

Retail India Summit & Expo (RISE)

December 15 2023, Delhi

6DX is thrilled to be participating at RISE - Retail India Summit & Expo...


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Discover the game-changing impact of 6DX on the operational and technological landscape of major players in the retail industry.

6DX enhances customer-centric retail experience for Simpli Namdhari's.

6DX enhances customer-centric retail experience for Simpli Namdhari's.

Simpli Namdhari’s, a subsidiary of The Namdhari’s Group, provides the people of Bengaluru with exceptional grocery shopping experiences that prioritizes both environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction.

The Power of 6DX in HomeTown's Tech Transformation

The Power of 6DX in HomeTown's Tech

HomeTown had previously operated on an on-premises legacy system that lacked the capacity for extensive upgrades, which limited their overall ability to keep pace with technological advancements.


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6DX Product Video

Choosing the right POS for your business is most definitely a difficult task at hand. We, at Intellect, understand the changing needs of your customer and bring to you 6DX, a POS solution equipped with a suite of tools to ensure you stay ahead of the retail curve.

Ramanan SV and Krishna Rajaraman on 6DX

Watch our Tech Leaders identify the 6 essential dimensions of Retail and untangle a complex customer journey, into a simple POS solution to overcome the unexpected and give you 6DX - the best POS solution for your business!

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How are retailers adapting to serve new-age consumers and drive profits

January 05, 2023

6DX, the world’s most comprehensive Retail POS and AWS, the foremost pioneer in cloud services, in association with ET Retail organized a physical panel discussion ...

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6DX, the Most Comprehensive In-Store Technology Launched

November 22, 2022

6DX, the Most Comprehensive In-Store Retail Technology, highly scalable, intuitive, cloud-native Point of Sales (POS) solution launched in Indonesia...

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