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Intellect Commerce Limited

Intellect Commerce Limited has been providing full-spectrum,
end-to-end solutions for Retailers across verticals - Hypermarket, Supermarket, and Fashion and Lifestyle.

Our products can handle multiple stores across
geographies, a multitude of vendors and product
lines and every imaginable channel you are likely
to use.

Design Thinking is in the DNA of Intellect Commerce. For
the past 20+ years, Intellect Commerce has been catering to mid
and large sized Retail chains across 19 countries through
software solutions.

6DX is designed to provide user experience-oriented solutions
such as Point-of-Sales (POS) and Retail Analytics, along with
an integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for
advanced customer engagement.

Design Thinking is in the DNA of Intellect

A seamless synthesis of design elements function in the building of our products

We believe that good design is at the heart of better business.

The word ‘Design’ has become a buzzword today. Behind anything successful, which has sustained the ever-changing market dynamics, lies a great ‘design’ going into the genesis of it. Design Thinking is thinking about – how to design something better!

Design Thinking allows us to connect Business, Technology and Operations of a retail institution uniquely and engineer solutions that drive unprecedented value, making it a joyous collaborative experience.

This indispensable belief catapulted into establishing the state-of-the-art Design Center dedicated to ‘design’ – which allows us to interrogate a problem and challenge a statement, to design a viable solution and demystify complexities to create algorithms.

The 8012 FinTech Design Center is where sparks of innovation and enterprise are ignited.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team comprises dedicated, focused and experienced leaders who leverage their knowledge and expertise to create pioneers in the world of new-age Retail.

Ramanan Venkata

Ramanan Venkata


Ramanan comes with 25 years of experience in various capacities across general management, six sigma and project management. Ramanan has been a part of many leading organisations like Siemens, GE, Accenture and Bharti Airtel.

Krishna Rajaraman

Krishna Rajaraman

Chief Technology Officer

Krishna has over two decades of vast experience of working in various fields, such as Corporate Banking Portals, Retail Banking Portals, Treasury and Investment Portals and Low-code Platform Creation.

Debal Dutt

Debal Dutt

Chief Marketing Officer

Debal has over two decades of work experience that straddles Advertising & Marketing. He has worked in India and Singapore with Citibank and Standard Chartered over the last 14 years. He has headed various portfolios in Marketing at a Corporate and Segment level in regional and global roles.

Amit Kumar Singh

Amit Kumar Singh

Senior Product Manager

Amit has a strong understanding of Solution Design & Analysis and an operational understanding of Client and Product Release Management, which comes from his one and half decade long industry experience.

Chandresh Sharma

Chandresh Sharma

Project Manager

Chandresh has a decade of experience in IP-bound Product Designing and the Development of Microservices and Cloud-based Architecture. His expertise lies in the area of Product Development, with diverse experience covering the domains of Retail and Telecom.

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6DX builds synergies across the 6 dimensions of Retail and powers superior customer experience to accelerate the pace at which you achieve your business goals.