Converting First Time Shoppers into Loyal Customers

Converting First Time Shoppers into Loyal Customers

Customer trends have changed significantly with the modern customer expecting more from their purchases. Most retailers have changed their approach towards customer experience, in an attempt to deliver more than just products; it is now about delivering an experience to remember. The ultimate goal for all retailers is to develop customer stickiness, to have customers return and to build brand loyalty.

What is Customer Stickiness and why is it important?

Any customer who returns to a shop for more purchases is a sticky customer. All retailers aim to create stickiness for their customers, to maintain a recurring customer base. Statistics prove that customers who return to stores or websites, spend more than they have earlier, thus bringing in higher revenue than a completely new customer.

A sticky customer is an interested customer, who already knows what a retailer is offering and has already had a good experience earlier. Sticky customers are also capable of being good brand ambassadors, bringing in more customers through references and positive reviews.

Converting A Modern Shopper into a Sticky Customer

The modern shopper’s horizons are widespread owing to online shopping. Hence, when shopping offline, they expect a good experience. Retailers across the globe are competing to gain shoppers’ attention in various ways. Here are few tips that can help convert your first time visitor into a sticky shopper:

  1. Hassle Free Shopping and Checkout

    Online shopping brings an ease of purchasing products with a near personalised experience, something that retail business yearn for. A modern POS system enables that, allowing customers to purchase products with ease and enjoy the shopping experience with minimised buyer fatigue and shorter waiting periods.

  2. Promotions are a Shopper’s Best Friend

    Customers love to maximise their purchase value. Promotions allow customers to purchase more, but more importantly receive the satisfaction of cracking a good deal. This cost saving factor is a big influence in delivering the right customer experience and the positive experience of saving money keeps customers sticky for retailers.

  3. Seamless Payments that Customers Prefer

    Customers are always looking to maximise their shopping experience by leveraging payment promotions over store promotions. Retailers are hence increasingly accommodating customers’ preferred payment modes to keep them returning.

  4. Handling Customer Complaints with Ease

    The modern shopper is quick to express dissatisfaction and retailers try to ensure that they can accommodate customers in the best possible way. Making returns, exchanges and refunds seamless for the customer is one way to ensure a good retail experience for them. A good experience will have the customer returning and shopping with improved ease knowing retailers can address concerns hassle-free.

  5. Customer Connect Initiatives with E-receipts

    Most retailers are finding innovative ideas to connect with customers and develop a bond. Going green is one such initiative that helps brands connect with environmentally conscious customers. By not using paper receipts and plastic bags, these customers are more likely to return to a store, believing that the brand shares the same principles with them.

  6. Know What Your Customer Wants

    Initiating a healthy dialogue with customers through post purchase communication helps retailers understand what their customers are looking for. Knowing what customers want is the magic key retailers across the globe are looking for, to ensure that they can provide it before any of their competition. This interests the customer to return and have a good shopping experience time and again.

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